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Depasa Marine group of companies is an international group based in Switzerland which is specialized in the Nigerian maritime industry. The company was established in 1978. The main activities of Depasa revolve around the all-encompassing management of marine operations in ports around the globe.  more company profile »
Depasa Marine group of companies is a multi-arm corporation which is headquartered at Zurich, Switzerland. From the headquarters all administrative and financial matters are arranged. Depasa is part of a group of companies that has joined together for the purpose of being able to provide a full service concept.  more company structure »

Depasa is a private group of companies which was founded in 1978 and started its activities in Nigeria in 1985.

Depasa has developed itself into a company which inhibits great expertise on the marine and port industry of Nigeria. As such Depasa is well equipped to offer its clients comprehensive specialist solutions and services in the fields of port and marine activities management.  more services »

During the years of rendering a full-service concept in Marine Operation Management, Depasa has been able to develop an impressive customer data base. Clients of Depasa are the governments of a wide variety of countries (eg. The Netherlands, Sweden, Nigeria and Kuwait)   more client »